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Laptop / Desktop / Server Repair
Workstation, and Personal computer support. While we primarily deal with windows based machines we do service Mac computers and Linux. Citizens support offers software and hardware repairs and even networking support.
Data Backup and Recovery
Data recovery is a slow but often successful process. We offer Signal disk and Raid and recovery. As this process can be a vary long recovery time depending on the size of disk(s) Citizen Support also offers a offsite backup service that will scan and update any changes every 15 min and has unlimited revisions. Data is encrypted on your local computer/server and never de-encrypted until you restore it to your computer.
Network Design
Need a public and private network, a Multi-teir network, site to site vpn, Mobile user VPNs, Fiber Optics, Firewalls, and more all are services we can help you setup to keep you secure data safe and accessible per your companies needs.
Cloud Services
Need a VoIP phone system, Dedicated server, VPS, High Availability servers that are geographically diverse. Perhaps you just need a CPanel. We have you covered with windows and Linux. Other related services would be cloud drives and off site data backup.
Cyber Security
Firewalls, VPNs, encryption, Cloud Managed antivirus, Privacy settings, Password settings, and 2FA are just some things we offer for keeping you safe online
Virus and Spyware Removal
Computer Virus can be simple to difficult to resolve. Often we have seem many cases where the client had no virus but a hardware problem such as a failing hard drive. Regardless of the problem above Citizens Support can help you in this trail. Removal, Reload, hardware repairs, and more.
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