I just had a call from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Bank of …, Any any other major company that can go in this blank. First off this is almost assuredly a scam.

Should this call ever take place know that a major company such as Microsoft WILL NEVER EVER CALL you unless you actually requested a call from them directly. This is not this writers option but a fact that every company I have listed above has gone on the record that they will never contact you. This is not because they are cold or callous. The reason is simple Banks have other methods of contact where they have to know who they are talking to is the account holder. Microsoft sells primarily to companies and business not people so their client is not you the user but Business. Google contacts you via your accounts. Apple client is the business that sold the device not you so like Microsoft they have no need to ever contact you unless you contact them for support.

What to do when these calls happen. My first recommendation would be to hangup with a strong no this is a scam and blacklist the phone number before you do anything with them at all. At this point and call us or your local Tech Support Company. We  or your company will ask you a few questions such as did you give remote access, did you give a credit card or another payment method, Or open a email or link from said person. There may be a few more questions depending on your answers and what we know is going on that the time. Should all answers are ok we will probably just have a antivirus scan run and you will probably be ok.

Should the answers yes then sadly we will need to change our answers as well. If you gave any method of payment cancel that credit card and request a new one as it is now stolen. If you gave remote access, clicked on a link, did something else we will probably need to work on it. But the level of what that is depends on what has happened any a tech will need the specifics before we could answer how much or little.

(I will always recommend you to go with a company you personally know and is a trained professional.  I did not say a tech savy friend.  I and most tech support techs have had to fix the “Help of friends”.  This offten cost the client more and what they did offten has nothing to do witht he probplem at hand.

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