Citizens Support does offer Static IP, VPN, BGP, and many other services to its clients. Should you need these and any related services please feel free to contact us so we can assist.
BGP requirements.To peer with Citizen support you must have 1 Public ASNTo broadcast any IPv4 or IPv6 An allocation that you own and an LOA We will filter out any broadcast that you do not have assigned to you from your IRR such as ARIN.All BGP are done by case by case bases feel free to contact us should you be interested even if only for academic reasons.
Dedicated Static IPsCitizen support is willing to talk about leasing a static IP with 1 ip v4 and a /48 ipv6 block over vpn and possible other services. Fees for this service would depend on your needs. Having a current Static IP is not required we can even do this if you are behind a CNAT (Carrier Grade Nat) for example Starlink.This vpn is not setup to hide who you are, torrents, or other. This setup if for Point to Point and or get a public ip/ip6 static routed into your network for NAT. These setups will have all ports open meaning no firewall blocking them.
Do you have other networking needs BGP, MPLS, Site to Site hookups, VoIP, PBX, and much more please tell us what that is so we can try to assist you with this.
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